Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed

Hill-Rom CareAssist ES Hospital Bed

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Brand: Hill-Rom

Type: Hospital Bed

Model: CareAssist ES

The CareAssist ES bed is designed to make bedside tasks easy and fast. Caregivers can enjoy the benefits of a bed that delivers essential and dependable technologies to meet the fundamental needs of the Acute Care setting.

Designed especially for busy caregivers who need to accomplish a multitude of tasks in a minimum amount of time.


• Advanced Mobility
• Wound Care and Prevention
• Clinical Workflow
• Surgical Safety and Efficiency
• Respiratory health
• Integrated Scale
• Battery Backup
• Emergency CPR
• Three-Mode Bed Exit System
• Siderail Controls


• Frame Length (with head/footboard): 90”
• Frame Width: 40”
• Sleep Deck Width: 36”
• Sleep Deck Length: 80”
• Sleep Deck Extended Length: 84”
• Bed clearance under frame: 7.5”
• Low position floor to deck: 15.75”
• High position floor to deck: 32.5”
• Max head elevation: 65”
• Max Trend and Reverse Trend: 16”
• Caster size: 5.7”
• Weight Limit: 500lbs