Bracco EmpowerCTA Injector System $

Bracco EmpowerCTA Injector System $

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Brand: Braco Diagnostics

Type: Injector System

Model: EmpowerCTA

The EmpowerCTA®+ Injector System represents the ultimate in contrast injector technology, meeting the needs of today’s CT suites by facilitating high-quality CT imaging.

Unique safety enhancements combined with a digital touch screen at the patient’s side and voice prompts give EmpowerCTA+ Injector System users increased process control and a more streamlined workflow.


• Simultaneously-operating dual syringes

• Auto initialization: The most efficient way to prepare syringes for filling

• Protocol fill: Automatically fills syringes to volumes based on the selected protocol

• Built-in tilt sensor and position lock to minimize the likelihood of an air embolism

• Convenient remote control pause function

• Fixed fill rate

• Purge function to automatically remove air from the system